Zuri Health Mobile App: All you need to know

Zuri Health Mobile App: All you need to know

This is all you need to know about Zuri Health Mobile App

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What is Zuri Health Mhealth App

Zuri Health helps patients to access and book certified healthcare services on-demand based on availability, location and specialization of the provider.

Through the app, that can be downloaded from Google Play Store, Apple Store and Zuri Health website, users will have access to different professionals and services despite their location.

Download Zuri Health here

The app was launched on January 10 2021 by Play Zuri Health Limited, a branch of the Play Communications Limited.

Key features on the Zuri Health Mobile App

Zuri Health: Doctor on duty

The Doctor on Duty feature is available as a premium feature

where patients can chat with doctors after paying a one-off fee

Zuri Health: Pharmacy

This feature allows users to search for and filter pharmacies by their proximity, fees, payment options and visitation times.  This section will also be used to fill out prescriptions given by the doctors within the app

Zuri Health: Hospital

This feature allows users to search for and filter hospitals by their proximity, fees, payment options and visitation times

Zuri Health: Telemed

Zuri Health has incorporated the TeleMed feature which will allow for remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology

Zuri Health: Doc at Home

Doc at Home allows users who may not have the ability to visit a physical healthcare facility to call for a home visit from a practitioner

Zuri Health: Tests and Diagnostics

Doc at Home allows users who may not have the ability to visit a physical healthcare facility to call for a home visit from a practitioner

Zuri Health Pharmacy feature

The Zuri Health pharmacy feature is an e-commerce platform that will list medical supplies from partnering pharmacies, exposing them to both patients and doctors. Within this feature, patients are able to purchase medication in a few simple steps.

Categories of Zuri Health medication

Medication in the Zuri Health Pharmacy has been categorised into two;

Over the counter medication, where patients can simply search for the medication they require, add to cart, pay and have the medication delivered.

Prescription medication, where patients upload a prescription from a doctor, have their rescription approved by a qualified pharmacist, filled and lastly, have their medication delivered to them.

The Zuri Health Pharmacy creates a seamless experience for the patient, since

the entire process is conducted and managed under the app.

Benefits of the Zuri Health Mobile App to the registered service providers

  1. Brand recognition and exposure

Once your pharmacy is integrated into the Zuri Health app, thousands of people will discover it. Zuri Health app is designed to highlight medicine and medical supplies to the clients based on their needs and prescription.

Through Zuri Health, you now have access to thousands of healthcare seekers and their details once they order through the app.

  1. Make Extra Revenue

Prescriptions given by doctors through the app will be filled within the app, pointing directly to your pharmacy, helping

you make extra revenue. Over the counter drugs can also be purchased in the pharmacy section of the app, without

requiring a prescription from the doctors.

  1. Seamless Payment model

We handle the marketing of your pharmaceutical services, so you can focus on processing prescriptions and dispatching the medical supplies using our last mile delivery services. From Zuri Health app, your supplies database will be uploaded and payments will be made directly to the pharmacy immediately after dispatch from our end. We will handle payments made by the patients, giving you a seamless transactional experience.

Cost: 15% Commission on Each Sale through the Zuri Health Mobile App

This 15% commission will be included in the listed price of the medical supplies on the app. To provide affordable healthcare to our clients, we aim to have the listed price reflect the prices you currently have on your products in the physical pharmacy

Accessing Zuri Health

Mobile Operators that work with Zuri Health

Safaricom Kenya, Airtel Kenya, Airtel Nigeria, Unitel Angola, MTN Ghana, MTN Ivory Coast, Expresso Senegal, Tigo Tanzania, TMCell Mozambique

What your Partnership includes

  • Listing on Zuri Health mobile application and website
  • Your Service(s) exposed to the largest, most reliable health app in
  • Access to thousands of patients across your city, Africa and the world
    at large
  • A Partner App to manage your services, bookings and earnings
  • A Partner Handbook and Zuri Health Partner Certificate(s) to display at
    your location(s)
  • Support from our team during setup, training on how it works,
    marketing and customer service, and will always be available by
    phone or on email. Consider our team, your team!

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