5 Easy Steps For Creating a Social Media Strategy

5 Easy Steps For Creating a Social Media Strategy

The only way to get something out of social media is to have a strategy. Below are steps that could help you develop an effective strategy:

  • Develop a Social Media Persona for Your Brand

Your persona is what people will use to relate to your brand. Have a unique description of your brand which you will use across all social media platforms. Make sure the description highlights what your brand is all about.

In addition to the description, get one professional picture that you will also use for your profile in all networks.

  • Create a Social Media Avatar

An avatar is simply the persona of your potential clients. This is a description of who your audience is including their age, gender, education, marital status, like and dislikes just to mention but a few. Feel free to even put a face to the description.

You need to have a mental picture of who you want to engage on social media. Remember, your posts are meant for someone else and they need to relate to it.

  • Outline Your Social Media Goals and Objectives

Come up with the specific goals and objectives you would wish to achieve through the social media campaigns. Your social media brand should match your real brand and this goes without saying that, your social media marketing should support your business goals.

Come up with goals which are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound).

  • Decide What You Want To Share on Every Platform

Every social media platform is unique and has its own strengths. Every post is received different on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter.

Sit down and decide what will work best where and how. Make sure your content is interesting and engaging. Above all do not lose your brand identity on the different platforms.

  • Come Up with a Content Calendar

Social Media requires consistency. You need to post all the social media platforms regularly. This can be very tasking and there is always a likelihood of duplicating or forgoing some platforms.

To keep your brand in check, you need a calendar of what to post where and at what time. Having a calendar helps you strike a balance as well as avoid overwhelming your audience. Get a frequency that is convenient for every platform.

With these pointers you can now create a proper social media strategy and maintain your brand identity.

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