Creating Social Media Content for Business

Creating Social Media Content for Business

We are living in an age where you can say there is so much “noise” in the Internet. For you to stand out in this noise, there is need to stand out and make sense for people to hear you.

When posting content on social media and more so on Facebook here are things to have in mind ALWAYS:

  • Identify and understand your audience

You need to know exactly who you are talking to. Go to the specific demographics and description of even age, gender, location, profession, tastes and preference just to mention but a few. This will ensure that your content connects to them individually.

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  • Focus on one area of interest

There is already so much noise on the internet you are not interested in adding to that. Pick one subject area and be consistent with that. One subject area can produce numerous topics which you could explore in your content creation.

  • Create a persona for your business

Your business might be an entity but the content comes from a person. Work on developing a personality for your business, this is what your audience will relate to. Your business needs to be as real as possible so that it has a conversation with her audience.

  • Keep it short, simple and sweet

People are busy with numerous things online and if they is no connection to a particular message they move on almost immediately. Ensure that you are relevant and captivating.

  • Grammar and spelling

With social media there is liberty to play around with rules of syntax and semantics. However, what you cannot play around with is spelling. A copy containing numerous spelling mistakes appears careless and is not attractive to readers. Always proofread before hitting the post button!

  • Maintain your standard

Your audience relates to your company as a person with certain characteristics. With social media you need to watch out for consistency in terms of when you post, the quality of your work and relevance to your content. This is what readers hold you accountable for.

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