Top Communication Etiquette for Daily Professional Use

Top Communication Etiquette for Daily Professional Use

As a trainer and consultant in the field of media and Public Relations one thing that I am keen on is Communication. Digital Scroll Media we are keen on communication and do our best to train others on being the best communicators. Here are communication etiquette to embrace on daily engagement and communication.

  • Acknowledgement

Whenever you receive any email or message be kind enough to acknowledge. Communication is never complete without feedback. the person receiving the message is doing so to get your response unless it is a marketing message.

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  • Introduction

For purposes of communicating with someone for the first time whether on phone, email or face to face be sure to introduce yourself. Give your name, who you are, purpose for engagement and appreciate the interaction. Never assume anything.

  • Signing Out

When doing emails always sign out preferably with appreciation, your title and contacts.

  • Official Communication

Avoid sending business information and official requests after office hours unless when requested by the recipient. I know WhatApp is being used even for office communication but always try to balance office and personal time.

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  • Return Calls

Strive to always return calls when you miss a call. In the event you have no airtime send a message to acknowledge you say the call. On the other hand when you receive a call and you are not able to pick it, send a message. Most phones come with great automated messages you can use.

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