Idia Baron: Respect women

Idia Baron: Respect women

Respect your mothers, sisters and daughters.

Sometimes being a woman is the most difficult thing in the world because we are like that expensive gift placed in a glass and which can only be bought by the right person but if it lands in the wrong hands then its worth is over.

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Unfortunately we go through some disgusting things that we cannot even explain and sometimes can’t get over them.

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It’s just so painful in this 21st century where we have educated men and women who know the value of life but still allow Female Genital Mutilation to go on in some societies and early marriages leading to such women losing their dream even before it begins.

Men should not use women as toys for sexual satisfaction

Men sleeping with as many women as possible in the name of love, thinking a woman is just a playing tool is deplorable. Men think they can just throw away women once they are done toying with them not knowing that such women are like wounded lions and are not going to remain the same no matter how much repair is done.

Women walking in streets but with no right of wearing what they want…that if they wear rugged jeans or minis then they want sex and therefore get raped and men can defend themselves in courts and go scot-free while the woman is left traumatized hurts to the core.

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Many times women are blamed but sometimes they are the way they are because of what they went through. Call me a feminist but a woman is someone who will be the way you treat and act according to circumstances.

Do you know what hurts most is that the same men want to marry virgins and leave the ones they damaged!

Idia Baron is a Journalism student at the University of Kabianga

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